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I do have a love-hate relationship with summer. All through winter, I keep willing warm weather to arrive, and when it eventually does, it's another matter. I love summer because then my skin can breathe; I love the feel of the breeze on my skin, my feet freed from being constantly wrapped in tights/socks, and… Continue reading Back To Form

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Basic hand sewing stitches #5: the tailor tack — Sewing on the Edge with Barbara Emodi

I came across this very useful video today, and I already know it's going to improve my fabric marking process tremendously.  First because I spend way too much time transferring pattern markings first onto one fabric layer, then the other, and so on. Secondly, it took me time to find a pen marker that would… Continue reading Basic hand sewing stitches #5: the tailor tack — Sewing on the Edge with Barbara Emodi

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Colette Penny Dress Hack

I found finally time last week to sew my first garment of the year, about time too, because I have been making sewing plans since forever 🙂. This one is a sleeveless shirt using the bodice of the Colette’s Penny shirt dress pattern. I loved the pattern as soon as I got notification, and I’ve been… Continue reading Colette Penny Dress Hack

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WIP Wednesday – A Knitter’s Struggles

An ever-present struggle for me as a knitter are distractions, and truth be told, there are several weapons of mass distractions all around 🙂. Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, knitting magazines, fellow commuters clothed in gorgeous knitwear (in case like me, you knit while commuting), and let’s not forget YouTube. Though the word has generally negative or… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – A Knitter’s Struggles