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In The Beginning

Everything really has a beginning, and reason. I like to think I’m an organised person when it comes to my makes, and but it turns out I struggle. I really do start out being organised, i.e. make notes of my processes in order to be able to re-create, but like the biblical seeds that fell on rocks and among thorns, I deviate.

This blog will hopefully make me more organised, as well as hopefully interest you, my would-be readers. I intend to document my creative adventures in knitting, sewing, yarn dyeing, and any other hobbies I pick up along the way, and I’d love to look back (sometime in the future) and see how I was at the ‘beginning’.

I have been knitting since January 2016, and ‘re-discovered’ sewing again since March 2017, and would say I’m an advanced beginner at both. Though I work 9 to 5, and then have to ‘run’ after three kids afterwards, I look forward to the little ‘me’ time when I am sewing or knitting and listening to audio books or podcasts.  Before I started sewing, I knitted at every opportunity – during my lunch break, at night after work, on the underground while waiting for trains, on the train (you should see people giving me the eye when I bring out my knitting needles), at bus stops, you name it.

I sort of stumbled into sewing again when I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Alexandra Palace in March, primarily to see yarns in all their glory, but was shocked there were very few stalls selling them. However, there were fabric stalls with lovely stuff, and that woke up the slumbering sewist in me. I was particularly encouraged to sew my own garments as I’m seriously pear-shaped, with em, rounded backsides. My shape falls within three sizes at least (GROAAAN!), and I never wore dresses unless with flare skirts. Some tops even will not fit over my hips, and I have to roll them on my waist.

Oh! how I try not to stash yarn or fabric, but it’s sooooo difficult to resist those beauties, and I love me some good bargains. I currently have about twenty fabrics in my stash, and three large boxes of yarn; but then there are five of us, I say to myself.

I have a love-hate relationship with both PDF and paper patterns. I love the instant gratification of the former, but don’t fancy the ‘sticking together’ process. All that time wasted! On the other hand, I really find the flimsy tissue papers of most printed patterns frustrating; if I so much as take a breath, they disintegrate. However, I love the fact that I can get some of them for as little as $1.99 in the sale.

I’ve never done mock-ups (I forget the ‘technical’ term) before sewing my actual fabric, but I baste a lot, and do several TAIS (try-on as I sew).

I enjoy listening to audio books, music, and video podcasts while creating. Makes up for not having a good book in my hands.

On my sewing table currently is the famous McCall’s 6696, which I am making on my old Brother XR-6600 computerised machine (more about that in my next post), and on my knitting needles is this cardigan in Drops Extra Fine Merino.

Thanks for stopping by.



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