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McCall’s 6696 – Jungle Fever Edition

My first McCall’s pattern. I wanted a proper shirt dress with collar band and yoke (my first ever shirt dress was Burda 6520 which wasn’t a success. I decided pleated skirts are not for me, tried to alter it, but messed it up; coupled with that, I forgot to grade up from my bust to my waist), so I went on to google for inspiration, and there was McCall’s 6696 reaching out to me.


I made View C with the slightly A-line skirt.

  • Fabric – 100% cotton from  The Textile Centre, (also on eBay). It has white leaves on a midnight blue background, and it kind of looks like a jungle, and the ‘fever’ I just threw in; hence the name.
  • Size: I graded from size 14 at bust to size 20 at waist and hip. I concluded after my second unsuccessful attempt at doing a small bust adjustment (I spent an entire evening doing it this way and that) that since grading works for me, I need no other kind of adjustment.
  • Buttons – 11mm gold-rimmed navy blue (I think they are more midnight than navy though) plastic buttons from Jaycotts. Don’t be discouraged by the pictures, they are gorgeous in my opinion. Here is a picture.




Changes I made

  • Took off 3/4 inches from length of waist, to make waist higher; I like my waist to sit about 1 to 1 1/2 inches above my navel.
  • Wanted mandarin collar, so I only cut the collar band. I really don’t know if this is how to go about it, but it’s done.
  • I made two thread loops should I want to wear a belt. I prefer their discreetness to their fabric counterpart.
  • Got rid of gathers on back bodice waist and yoke (I found out in one of my TAIS (try-on as I sew) that the gathers on the back make me look like I have a hunch back. I then remembered I had seen several pictures online with the same look, which I didn’t like. So I turned them to pleats, stitched them close, and also put darts on the back bodice (I found this tip here by Amanda of ‘Sewing in the Rain’.

    McCall's 6696
    Back view showing stitched pleats

Likes – Most things; I was pleasantly surprised at the unobtrusiveness of the pockets, as I was afraid it would stick out on my large hips.

Dislikes – The only thing I really couldn’t stand was the poufiness on the back bodice, until I stitched the pleats.

Blunders I made – I’m relieved to say I only made one, though significant. I used blue and in some places red carbon paper to trace on my largely white fabric (yeah, can you beat that?), so I now having tracing marks showing on the right side. BUT, I’m going to wear it with pride nonetheless.

To try next time – I intend to disregard the waist band for my next version.

My verdict – Though I thought there was considerable hand sewing (slip stitching the button and button-hole bands, etc. I really like this pattern. The instructions are good, and I’ll definitely make it again.

Now let me show you this beauty on yours truly.

IMG_2567.JPGIMG_2559.JPGAnd finally, a close up view of front bodice.


Till next time, peace.


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