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Blast Off – The First Ever Garment I knitted For Me

Even though I’ve been knitting for almost two years, I didn’t get around to knitting a garment for myself until recently. I made stuff for my boys and a few accessories for myself, until I found out about this lovely pattern on Inside No 23’s Vlog on YouTube.

This is a cardigan by Andi Satterlund that I finished back in May. You will find her on Ravelry; the project is called Blaster, but I couldn’t resist the urge to give it a little twist hence I named it ‘Blast Off’ (reminds me of an episode of Tom and Jerry).

Blaster by Andi Satterlund

Yarn – Schachenmayr Extra Merino 0313. I think this has been discontinued because I couldn’t find it when I needed extra balls to finish my cardigan, and had to go on Ravelry. I think there are similar yarns by the same maker though. I got them dirt cheap at £0.99 each from Black Sheep Wool and must have bought all the available colours she had then. Who would be able to resist good quality merino at that price? Certainly not yours truly.

Buttons – 13mm patterned plastic buttons from Minerva Crafts.

Likes – I loved knitting it especially because it is knitted in the round, it went quickly, and the instructions were easy to follow.

Dislikes – None.

Changes I made – You will find my notes here.



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