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A Dotty Combo – McCall’s 6696 and 6891

While waiting impatiently for the buttons I ordered for my first McCall’s shirt dress to arrive, I couldn’t help but cut another shirt dress pattern. This time, a combination of McCall’s 6696 and 6891. Since I prefer a proper shirt bodice on my dress shirts (with yoke, collar band and collar), so I combined the bodice of view B of 6696 with the skirt of 6891.

Now I don’t know if this happens to you but when I see a pattern, I begin to think of many more possible combinations than is provided; as well as how I can make it a teeny bit more interesting by adding little details like contrast pockets, collar facing, etc. However, I held back this time only because I thought this fabric has a lot going on already.

  • Fabric – 100% cotton denim with multi-coloured polka dots I bought from Fabric Time. This is not jeans-like denim, it drapes and hangs well.
  • Size – I graded from size 14 at bust to size 18/20 at waist and hip.
  • Buttons – Fabric-covered buttons I made from 11mm plastic blanks.

Alterations/Changes I made

  • My fabric wasn’t quite wide enough to accommodate the hem of the skirt, so I reduced it by 3 inches on the pattern pieces.
  • I didn’t use the waist band that came with the bodice, but added 1/4″ to the length of my waist.
  • I used the button and button hole band on McCall’s 6696.
  • I love the discreetness of thread loops, so I made two on the waist as belt loops.
  • I disregarded the pocket instructions (I wasn’t sure I’d like the style) and used this version I found on YouTube by Marina Brompton instead. It gives me nice looking pockets everytime and they STAY PUT. I’ll try and show you my steps in another post.
  • I finished the hem based on the Beginners’ Sewing Course – Circle Skirt by Anita by Design on YouTube. A similar technique to the one here.

Likes – I love everything about this combo, particularly the skirt which I think is more like a 3/4 and not a full circle; it works really well with my choice of fabric too.

Dislikes – I can’t quite say I didn’t like the pocket that came with the skirt because I didn’t use it.

Blunders – Nothing major, YAY! Though I think my button holes could be better.

Things I’ll change next time – The only thing I can think of is to cut the back of the skirt on the fold, as I don’t quite get why it had to be cut separately.

Will I make this again? Definitely.

Now, it’s show time.


Is it me or the hem is uneven in the front?



Till next time.


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