My Recent Crafty Purchases

I was quite lucky to hear about Crafty’s All-You-Can watch day offer on the 4th. The only problem was that I had planned an Ikea trip beforehand and had convinced my DH to take me, so I couldn’t wriggle out of it. I’d rather order online for home delivery (I find it very tiring going to Ikea) but the £35 delivery charge changed my mind. So, I planned to watch some of the video on my way to and from the shop, but my phone conked out unfortunately.

After setting up and re-organising, I was too tired and decided to have an early night with the intention of waking up very early the next day. Instead I woke up at about 04:45 (UK time) which was 15 minutes to the deadline. I was disappointed but didn’t dwell too much on it, and started watching the shirt-making class by David Coffin. To my surprise however, they allowed the streaming to continue until about 08:00 UK time, and I almost finished the class; really generous of them.

It was difficult to decide on what to watch as I learnt about the offer very late but I settled for these 4 videos in the end. Two of them are shirt-related even though I have made a number of shirt as I have four boys to men at home, but I still have loads to learn. They are:

The Essential Guide to Sewing With Sheers
Introduction to Sheer Fabrics
with Sara Alm

Sew Better, Sew Faster: Shirtmaking
Express Order
with Janet Pray

Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets
with Janet Pray

Shirt-making Details: Beyond the Basics
with David Page Coffin

I couldn’t resist the offer of 75% discount on all classes that popped into my mailbox afterwards, so I bought these three classes for £14.12 each (advertised for $14.99 each). I only wish Crafty prices remain in $ as advertised instead of switching to £ when I add them to basket.

The first is Sewing with Fleece by Pattie Otto which I’ve already watched and like. I’ve learnt several techniques from it having never sewn fleece before. I can’t wait to try them out on the fleece garments I plan for my kids for autumn/winter.


The other two which I’ve not quite got round to watching are these.IMG_2964IMG_2965I’m really looking forward to the heirloom techniques, and can’t wait to incorporate some of them in my sewing.

Till next time.




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