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My First Stranded Colourwork

Thinking back now, I bit more than I could chew many times when I first started knitting. I’d only been knitting for a very short time when I saw this free, gorgeous pair of houndstooth fingerless gloves on by Ellen from A Pile of Sheep.

 It was love at first sight, I mean what’s not to love? BUT there was a problem, I’d never done any stranded knitting. YouTube (and my stock of 99p merino yarn) to the rescue!

My research led me to the gizmo below – Clover finger ring – that is supposed to keep strands in check.  It was better than just holding them in my left hand, but I didn’t find it very useful as my strands still found ways to get tangled. It also kept moving on my finger and I had to keep adjusting it.IMG_3123 Anyway, I managed to finish the pair many, many, many weeks later and ended up with this. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Me? I was over the moon and was prancing around for days. I used tubular cast on and cast off which led to much muttering in my bid to remember the steps, and I love the stretch of the cuff. I read subsequently that elastic thread can be sewn in to keep the shape of ribbing but I’m yet to try that. IMG_3142

There was one problem though, they were tight over my hand and I had difficulty putting them on ☹, I could even see the tight stitches. Then I remembered I had held the strands in a death grip throughout my knitting. Anyway, I was left to just admire the pair while I trawled the internet for how to make them wearable. Then I learnt that re-blocking can help loosen the yarn, so I re-soaked, re-blocked and it turned out better fit-wise. That made me a happy bunny 😁.

I knitted the cuffs a bit longer so I can double them, and they are mirror images which I love. Thanks to the designer for making this gorgeousness available free.

My love-hate experience with the gizmo that made me start thinking seriously of making the English/Continental style work for me, so that I can hold strands in both hands for colourwork.

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