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We’re Trudging On!

My knitting needles and I, I mean. My intended summer cardigan  is slowly nearing completion YAY!!!

It’s been about a month since that post, so I’m very excited to see it progressing. My knitting has become slower since I began sewing again in March, but I managed to finish the first sleeve some days ago and have just started the second.IMG_3188IMG_3186

It shouldn’t be long now, but it looks like I’m going to run out of yarn before I get to the finish line. I had tried to stretch my light greyish-green colour by introducing the dark heather colour, but it doesn’t look like I’d have enough. Ordering only one or two balls of yarn is a no-no unless I can get free shipping, so I might make up the order to the minimum that’ll qualify for free shipping (there are no yarn shops near me).

Oh my! I can see my yarn diet coming to an abrupt end 😉.

Till next time.


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