Another Addition

Okay; I finally ordered an overlocker last week, the popular Brother 1034d.

I’d been thinking about it for some time but kept procrastinating because I sew in one of the rooms upstairs, and always thought about the noise disturbing my family (I mostly sew at night after work). At this point in my sewing, I think I can make clothing that my dear husband will wear, but I keep imagining him looking critically at the insides. I must confess though that the seam on an overlocker is more professional than an overlock stitch on my sewing machine. So, I did some research and checked reviews before settling for this. I didn’t want to spends loads on an overlocker after buying my Bernina for close to a thousand pounds.

In addition, I want to start making clothing from other fabric types except cotton, because I have a stash of chiffon, crepe and satin, and I don’t think overlocking the seams with a sewing machine will do them justice.

After watching several YouTube videos and reading blog posts, I narrowed my choices down to between the 1034d and 3034d, but it seemed there really was no reason to pay £50 more for the latter, so I settled for 1034d. Instead, I bought the manual buttonhole foot #3 (for inserting invisible zips and much more, I heard; can’t justify paying £35 for the invisible zipper foot #35 either) for my Bernina and several reels of thread. It came with three feet – piping, blind hem and gathering feet, while the 3034d doesn’t; but it doesn’t have the trim ‘catcher’ the 3034d has. That’s certainly no problem because it’s not worth £50.

So, meet my ‘Brother’.



A tutorial on YouTube suggested taking a picture of the inside to help with re-threading.


I’m happy I resisted the temptation to buy one much more expensive as this just works great. Since I was making fleece pants for my eldest earlier in the week, I took the opportunity to put it to use and changed the threads straightaway, no problem there at all. Then I tried the flat lock stitch on scrap fabric, simply beautiful.

Very happy with my new tool.

‘See’ you soon.


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