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Deep Ocean Twist

So, I cast on my latest acquisition, using a free pattern from garnstudio.com called Rose Twist. It is knitted with one strand each of Drops Alpaca and Kid-Silk on 5mm needles.4-2I replaced Drops Alpaca (100% Alpaca) with Nord which is a 45% Alpaca, 30% Polyamide, 25% Wool mix (same yarn group), and you’ll notice that I changed the Kid-Silk colour from blue-grey to petrol as the former totally ‘diluted’ the beautiful blue-green of Nord (colour is deep ocean – mix). 20171018_141241.jpg

What you see below is my swatch (actually the beginning of the back). I usually start knitting and check gauge as I knit. I continue if I get gauge, if I don’t, I start again. I completely forgot about that and got this far on my commute from work yesterday, hence the extra-large ‘swatch’. I knitted on 5mm needles as per instruction, but I’m getting 18 sts and 25 rows instead of the recommended gauge of 17sts and 22 rows; so I’m not sure if I should go up a size, 5.5mm perhaps?


Since I’m getting 18sts instead of 17sts, should I continue with 5mm but be aware of the length? One thing I really like about the pattern is it’s top-down so I can try it on as a knit.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I haven’t forgotten about my Sirdar Click cardigan, but it’s is now too big to carry to work. I’ve joined the shoulders, knitted the ribbing on the neck and I’m currently knitting the ribbing on the right side, so I NEED another train-worthy project .

Till then.




10 thoughts on “Deep Ocean Twist

  1. Ooh, that’s confusing isn’t it.? I would re measure but don’t use your tension square… mark an area on your actual knitting and see if that is the same stitch count as previous.
    It could be that your tension square was knitted more loosely due to getting use to the yarns. If that is the case it would explain the difference from your knitting measurements to the schematics.


  2. I would have thought it would effect the width more than the length. I imagine it would add an extra inch to inch and a half to the width…??? Count how many extra stitches you have in regard to the measurement (multiples of 10 cm) and that will determine how much wider it will be. xxx

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      1. Yes, if it was stockinette it can easily be adjusted but more difficult if a pattern is involved. Just looked at pattern picture… It could work out ok if you can get the area from beginning of arm hole to shoulder to agree with the given pattern measurements.
        It’s a lovely pattern. I forgot to say that yesterday 🙂

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      2. Reporting back 🙂

        Shoulder across – 34cm (4cm short of measurement on diagram)
        Shoulder to beginning of armhole – 20cm as on diagram
        Bust? – 41cm (5cm short)

        I’m surprised my measurements are short in those 2 places because of my 18sts/4cm instead of 17sts/4cm as on the pattern.

        Should I continue as before?

        Many thanks.


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