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Finished Cables

Hope you’re having a great weekend, lovely people.

So, here’s my son’s slipover, off the blocking mat and finished (save for a couple more ends still hanging in there). I really enjoyed knitting the pattern and especially loved seeing the cables form. There were a few tricky bits for me, but they were alright in the end, thank God.

To re-cap, the yarn is James C. Brett 100% superwash wool in Claret, and the pattern is Cables by Isabel Demarchais. It’s actually a ladies’ pattern, but I think it can be unisex as it’s knitted in the round from armhole down with no shaping. The yarn was lovely to work with, but it seems it’s been discontinued. I’m really happy there was no disaster as I feared, because I decided to covert it to a slipover as I was trying to avoid knitting two sleeves for my long-limbed son. I didn’t see a difficulty rating, but I’m not sure I would have paid it much attention because liking a pattern enough to want to knit it is enough for me 😁.

Taking pictures today was really, really frustrating. It drizzled all day and it was grey as is the norm these days 😞. Since it’s either dark by the time I get home from work, or grey at the weekend, I persevered but only managed a few pictures after several unsuccessful  attempts.






So long.


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