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Cascade Slipover Update

Here’s where I’m at with my son’s Cascade Pacific Fair Isle Vest pattern I mentioned in this post. I’m following the instructions for construction, but using motifs from my ‘150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs’ book. To make it look less amateurish, I alternated the motifs on each subsequent row, and added opposing ‘arrows’ which is in a pattern my DH wants me to knit for him. I knitted the original  pattern for his older brother last year, and wanted a different look this time. So, I made my own chart;  nothing fancy, just ruled squares with motifs coloured with pen.

I knitted in the round up to the beginning of the armhole shaping, divided the stitches in two, put those for the front on scrap yarn. I realised too late that I had to convert my crude chart to enable me knit back and forth if I’m to follow the instructions for the armhole shaping, but having only knitted with charts in the round, my brain’s been ‘wired’ to read charts from the right side, so I found it difficult at first and made tons of mistakes.

Back view, with stitches on scrap yarn ready for ribbing.

I would have tried steeking but having never knitted a steeked garment, I discarded that idea. Not one for backing down easily, and seeing it as an opportunity to learn how to knit colour work flat, I went off to the net (and YouTube, of course) for tutorials on purling colour work. It was quite challenging at first, but I loved figuring it out, and made notes of my steps as I went along. I drew squares representing half of my stitches in Excel, and then proceeded with my conversion (is there a better way?).  It did take up time, but I persevered. A present challenge for me is purling English/American style which makes my every purl side a pain; that said, my knit stitches using this style has greatly improved and I’m happy for that at least.

Front view; about to start shaping the neck and armhole.

This vest is a test run of knitting colour work flat (I have my eyes on a Fair Isle cardigan knitted that way), but I’m trying my best to do a better job than I did with this. The would-be owner on the other hand is looking forward to his new slipover. I’ve promised him this won’t take a year, and he’ll get a better jumper, even though I’m using it to teach myself new skills.

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