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Almost There

After struggling to find time to knit these past two weeks, I got an unexpected day off yesterday and I used the opportunity to plough through this baby. I had an appointment and because I didn’t know how long it’d be, I took the day off only to be told very late in the morning that it’d been postponed. Of course I was very displeased, but after my initial disappointment, I just went to my sewing room, and started knitting on this till my boys came home.

Front view; about to kitchener stitch the right shoulder; left side already done.

I did a five-stitch steek as per instruction, centre steek above is the neck and on either side are the steeks for the armholes. I’m happy I used the main colour (not planned at all) for the centre stitch as it’ll provide a continuous cutting line when the time comes for cutting the steek.

Below is my finished stitch; I must say a really big kudos to all the amazing people who develop all these wonderful techniques because these joins are perfect.

Here my needles are pointing to the invisible joins on both shoulders.

It’s looking very good so far and next is cutting the steek; and hopefully, there’d be no nastly surprise during fitting.

On another note, while all this was supposed to be going on, and not really going on, I cast on another project, and then another; because … well, why not 😉? Really, I needed one commuter-friendly project as this was too big to carry around in my small project bag.

Until next time, I hope you have a happy time doing all that you do.



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