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And Then I Cut the Steeks

Now to the exciting part, and boy, was I ready?

First, I did a bit of research about the different methods of securing them before cutting, and came to the conclusion that using my sewing machine is best because of my yarn combination – wool/alpaca/nylon blend. That coupled with watching a few YouTube videos on how to machine steek, and I was set. I used the elastic stitch (#9) for stretchy fabrics on my Bernina, and chose a black thread (an overkill, I think) because I wanted to avoid a steeking accident.

About to cut the front neck steek.

Snip, snip, and one sleeve steek was cut; FINALLY. I’ve heard/read of people’s fear of cutting into their projects, but I was excited. My only concern was my stitches could unravel because I didn’t use pure wool. I knitted several rounds, and then I thought, “why wait till I finish knitting the sleeve before cutting the other steeks?”. So, I cut the other sleeve steek, knitted a few rounds, and then I cut the neck steek.

The five steek stitches.

Now I have two pairs of needles in my top, and I’m about to start with a third pair. You can guess how I’m impatient I am 🙂.

Hmmm, these shoulders look somewhat too wide.

I’ll knit a few rounds on the neck and then proceed with fitting; now, that’s the 😱 part.

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