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Fit and …


Though not quite epic, but yes, my top was a fail. Well, I suppose it’ll pass the fit test if the american football look is what I’m after 😁.


It wasn’t exactly a surprise because it didn’t look right after I cut the neck steeks, but I said to myself “this has got to work” because I can’t bear spending all that time and not being able to wear it. So I left it alone while I got on with other knits, and then I remembered I had gone up a size because it was too snug in the waist and hip areas, but didn’t remember to go back down for my shoulders. The bane of being pear-shaped. Burger!

Red lines showing where I picked up new stitches for the sleeves.

Unravelling was out of the question, and so I decided to just picked up new stitches along the red lines above (based on my shoulder measurements), curving them as I approached the bottom and re-knit the sleeves. I didn’t cut anything off in case that didn’t work, and didn’t bother unravelling the sleeves and just knitted off them. It looked simply ridiculous at the point when I had four sleeves (no pictures for your entertainment though 🙂).

After going under the knife.

Here it is after undergoing surgery; my intention is to make the sleeves longer than in the pattern, probably 3/4 length, but we’ll see.

Till next time, TGIF.





9 thoughts on “Fit and …

  1. I think, that was the right thing to do. When it is all done and it fits, you zigzag around the sleeve seams and cut the rest away. I have done that several times.
    Lately, I sewed the sleeves on some of my older sweaters into more fashionable narrow width. Now, I can wear them again!

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  2. This is the frustrating thing about knitting: you go to all of that effort and sometimes you just don’t think it works. I’m glad you decided to re-do the sleeves from a different point and I hope it works out well. It’s such a gorgeous jumper.


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