Back To Form

I do have a love-hate relationship with summer.

All through winter, I keep willing warm weather to arrive, and when it eventually does, it’s another matter. I love summer because then my skin can breathe; I love the feel of the breeze on my skin, my feet freed from being constantly wrapped in tights/socks, and particularly the ability to get out of the house more quickly in the mornings (no layers and finicky tights to deal with). However, I suffer from hay fever, and this year was pretty bad. In the past, I tried both over-the-counter and prescribed medicine, but nothing worked until a friend introduced me to Homeopathy.  There’s a catch however, I have to start taking medication well before the season to feel the effect.

Scratchy nostrils, palates and eyes, watery and bloodshot eyes, non-stop nose-blowing, sneezing and tiredness were all I had to deal with in May and June, and I was miserable. Then I had dental surgery towards the end of June, and that incapacitated me until early this month.

There’s been neither knitting nor sewing for about a month now, though I tried very hard because I was home for many days recuperating. I couldn’t even sit up to read or knit in bed. However, I was able to move my fingers well enough to click some buttons on my ipad, so I treated myself to some retail therapy 😉, as well as a few Craftsy classes. So, I should hopefully have some makes to show soon. I’m so thankful to God that the surgery went well, and my hay fever symptoms have now been reduced to the occasional sneezing.

On another note, I was privileged to watch the (Royal Air Force) RAF Centenary display near my office earlier this week. From my vantage position on Waterloo Bridge, I got a couple of photographs but these don’t really do them justice because those displays are best experienced.

Till next time.


22 RAF Typhoons forming the number 100


Red Arrows





4 thoughts on “Back To Form

  1. I love these pictures of RAF display! How exciting to see something like this in person! I know how frustrating it is to want to sew or knit and to not be able to do so either due to health or other priorities. I hope you are feeling better!

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