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WIP Wednesday – Orkney is Smokin’

Need I say more 🙂?

The more I knit my Orkney cardigan, the more I love it, and it’s turning out to be a really  exciting knit. I’d read Ravelry notes where several knitters knitted this in the round, and was very tempted to do same, but then I didn’t want to spend time doing any work on research, and then having to possibly re-chart the pattern. Secondly, I really like the look of seamed knits, and I wanted to experience knitting Fair Isle back and forth instead of in the round at least once; and I’m relieved to say that it’s not that bad, albeit slow.

The chart really did look scary when I first saw it, and it seems to discourage people on Ravelry. As I wanted to make it anyway, I made enlarged copies on A3 paper until it was legible enough for me. It’d not be a bad idea if Rowan makes these magazines available digitally because they do have gorgeous patterns.


Anyway, the back is finished, and that’s quite an achievement because I’m not usually this fast on my knits. I usually have other things going on at the same time as I’m knitting (several WIPs, sewing, etc.) but I’ve devoted most of my spare time to this.

It looks from the picture like I’ve incorporated waist shaping, but I’ve just soaked the fabric in water, and coerced it to shape as I don’t have a dress form. The main reason being I don’t have the space for it in my lockable sewing/all-purpose room yet (and I hate to think what will befall it should my boys get their crafty hands on it anywhere else in the house).

Weaving in blue yarn with a sharp tip needle

I’m sewing in the ends as I knit to avoid sewing-in-ends syndrome, using a method I learnt from this video by Life LDC on YouTube. Unlike weaving in ends with a blunt tip tapestry needle, I use a sharp tipped, large eyed needle and insert the tip to just skim the floats and sometimes the stitch at the back. This still leaves the fabric elastic, with no lump.

Close up showing the blue yarn caught in the float/stitch (the blue, cream and brown floats)

I’ve now cast on the left front, and the corrugated ribbing is a bit easier now that I’ve had some practice. At this rate, I just might have this ready for late Autumn/Winter.

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