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WIP Wednesday – A Knitter’s Struggles

An ever-present struggle for me as a knitter are distractions, and truth be told, there are several weapons of mass distractions all around 🙂. Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, knitting magazines, fellow commuters clothed in gorgeous knitwear (in case like me, you knit while commuting), and let’s not forget YouTube. Though the word has generally negative or… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – A Knitter’s Struggles

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FO Friday – Box of Spices

It’s bring and brag time because my beautiful shawl is finally off my blocking mat; that means I now have three me-made shawls, and my usual one can now have a breather. This was an interesting and straightforward knit. To recap, pattern is On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg, and yarn is Cascade 220 fingering in… Continue reading FO Friday – Box of Spices

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WIP Wednesday – Yokes & FairIsle

I have a new addition to the list of my projects under construction this week, but before I get to it, first up is my husband's Carraig Fhada. I finally dug it out of hibernation, and began to knit only for my needles to keep unscrewing, and stitches coming off them. The needle wouldn’t stay on the… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – Yokes & FairIsle

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WIP Wednesday – 25.04.18

We had a taste of Summer last week, and for a few days, there were hardly any knitwear in sight; but in typical UK style, the weather suddenly realised that it should be Spring, and that means I get to wear my latest cast off, 👏👏. Anyway, back to the subjects of the day, which are… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – 25.04.18